French Drains


Many of the phone calls we get are surrounding surface water grading issues. What we mean by that is –surface grading is not correct causing water to flow to incorrect areas or causing ponding. Many of these issues can be fixed easily so water naturally flows away from your home.

big drain

The picture to the right is an example of a large drainage system done for a Home Owner’s Association. The basic “drainage swale” idea is adhered to but in this case it was necessary to use larger aggregate stones to keep turf from washing in this high-volume area.

This below is an example of our standard 9″ emitter box with screw-top lid.  This allows the 4″ supply pipe to easily flow out and any debris that might be in the system to accumulate in large volume box.   We drill small holes in the bottom of the box to allow rainwater in the drainage system to slowly drain out during dry summer months to prevent mosquito breeding. unnamed

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