Intro to American Drainage Solutions

Names could be complicated at times. My name is Atanas D. Lazarov but I usually use Nasko as a nickname. Pals in the army were calling me by my last name but Lazarov soon became Lazar and Lazo. High school friends were going with Atanas but that became Tanas and Otto. Yeah, no idea how that came about! And with Nasko things are not simple: I’ve been called Nacho, Nabisco, Numskull, and Nasty. Just to name a few…

So, is this American Foundations or is it American Drainage Solutions? Whatever happened to American Lawn and Landscape? Thank God for states that allow the wonderful phrase of “doing business as” and here we are: American Lawn and Landscape is now also doing business as American Drainage Solutions. We will continue to provide excellent landscaping services and solutions to our clients but we also would like to market and offer our expertise in the area of drainage solutions. Think of American Drainage Solutions as a sub-division of American Lawn and Landscape. We will continue to serve the greater Kansas City, MO metro area as we’ve done in the past with our landscape and snow removal services.

If you are still confused what is going on with the names of American Drainage Solutions, American Foundations, and American Lawn and Landscape – please don’t! Just pick up the phone, call us, and we can explain how it all works together!

If you’ve not seen our intro video for American Drainage solutions, here it is again!


Do you have questions about our services? Call 816.415.3540 or email us at ‚Äč for a free consultation.

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