Welcome to American Drainage Solutions: Move the Water Away


Many of the calls we receive are from homeowners that are getting water in their basement. This is almost always caused by outdoor water and can usually be resolved by making sure all water around your foundation is flowing away. 90% of the time, there is an area near your foundation that is allowing water to accumulate and sit next to your foundation.

Regrading surface landscape and turf areas will allow water to naturally flow away from your house.

Collecting gutter water and releasing it 15′ from your house often makes a drastic difference as the grades 15′ from your house are generally much lower and allow water to continue flowing away.

American Foundations (AF) is a sub-division of its mother company, American Lawn and Landscape (ALL). Started in 1993, ALL provides full services for its customers and their landscape needs. AF provides drainage solutions that provide proper flow of water away from structures.

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